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Accurate and cost-effective dosing of cleaning chemicals

Published 25th October, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Accurate and cost-effective dosing of cleaning chemicals

Effective cleaning routines are vital in the hygiene and commercial cleaning sectors. The effectiveness of cleaning routines starts with the correct preparation of cleaning chemicals at point-of-use. The use of chemical dispensers has become the norm to prepare cleaning products as they ensure accurate consistent dosing of cleaning chemicals. This promotes thorough effective cleaning, prevents wastage and controls cost.

Brightwell Dispensers is helping businesses to make commercial cleaning tasks efficient, cost-effective and easier. With its versatile ECO range it offers businesses a variety of chemical dilution and dosing systems from dispensing one dose of chemical concentrate into a bucket of water to diluting up to four chemicals from one dispenser.

Brightwell Dispensers chemical dilution and dosing systems include the following products:

ECOMULTI - A chemical dispensing system, which dilutes up to four chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to mains water, the flexible design makes these one-stop chemical dispensing stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments. It is available in low-flow and high-flow versions.

ECOMIX - A chemical dispenser for diluting one chemical into a final cleaning solution. Connected to mains water, it dilutes a pre-determined ratio of concentrates into a final ready-to-use solution. It is available in low-flow and high-flow versions.

ECOSHOT manual dosing system - A reliable push operated chemical dosing system that can be set up to deliver any measure of chemical concentrates between 5ml and 30ml, drawing chemical from any sized container. The ECOSHOT does not require a mains water connection.

ECOMINI manual dosing pump - A small easy-to-use push operated pump that is designed to dose a single 30ml shot of chemical directly from the product container into a bucket or commercial kitchen sink at the touch of a button and fits into almost any environment.

DrainWatch – An automated reliable drain dosing pump suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that require the delivery of a single chemical at timed intervals. Usually used by businesses that need drain and grease trap maintenance.

Recognising that consistent and precise dilution is top priority for all, Brightwell Dispensers created all proportioners in the range with its patented dilution pin technology. The revolutionary wheel design eliminates the need for cumbersome metering tips, enabling installers to select up to 13 independent dilution ratios per chemical.

Benefits of Brightwell Dispensers chemical dosing systems:

Accurate chemical dispensing.

Cost-effective with cost-in-use advantages.

No wastage - you only dose what you need.

Safe - no need to manually pour chemicals.

Easy to install and maintain.

Environmentally friendly - minimises transport costs, waste and carbon emissions.

Secure chemical cabinets are available.

Brightwell Dispensers is a global independent designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensing systems for the cleaning and hygiene industry. Brightwell Dispensers believes in supporting its customers through every step of finding the right dispenser solution.

You can contact them at for further information.

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