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ABCD leadership workshop

Published 5th January, 2011 by Neil Nixon

ABCD leadership workshop

The Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers (ABCD) held a ‘behavioural leadership workshop’ at the Britannia Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday 25 November 2010. Over 50 managers and supervisors directly involved in facilities management within the public sector were present to hear Bruce Faulkner, of 3 simple rules management consultancy, outline his philosophy during the one day event. Each session offered guidance and advice designed to help managers engineer improvements in both efficiency and performance amongst their staff, in an era of economic uncertainty and increasingly demanding workloads.

After a welcome address by Ken Baxter, ABCD chairman, Bruce Faulkner opened with a session on the reasons that underpin our behaviour within the working environment. After defining behaviour as inclusive of everything ‘that we say and do’, he invited the audience to question every aspect of their work, and whether it helps them reach daily goals or is merely a product of well-established habits and norms.

He then asked delegates to review the barriers which can act as a performance hindrance within the workplace. The audience was asked to review their behaviour and actions through the prism of downstream impact, establishing how the permutations of each choice and decision they make will have a trickledown effect on every layer of an organisation, and the positive and negative outcomes that this entails.

Later in the day, delegates looked at the antecedent, behavior and consequence model, which they were advised should form the basis of any procedure change within the working environment. To close, the focus shifted onto how direct and open communication between colleagues will form the bedrock of any review of performance diagnostics. It was advised that this should be coupled with an analysis of whether staff have sufficient resources and knowledge available to them as they successfully complete their daily tasks.

In attendance was Gail O'Shaughnessy of Birmingham University estate management, who reflected on the workshop: “In facilities management we often find that motivating staff is often the biggest challenge, with part-time workers sometimes resistant to traditional incentives. While there were several good ideas touched upon over the course of today, I think it served as a reminder of the importance of reviewing our regular behavior, with an emphasis on communication, as we address the challenges we encounter.”

Please contact ABCD - or 01604 705934 - for further details on the workshop or to find out more information about ABCD’s events in the future.