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A washroom range for the 21st century

Published 16th February, 2017 by Neil Nixon

A washroom range for the 21st century

A Washroom range for the 21st Century

The Robert Scott range of specialist washroom cleaning equipment is tailored to meet the needs of washroom facilities of all sizes and includes hand driers, air fresheners, soap dispensers, baby changing stations, and a number of new and innovative products including a contemporary, unique replacement for the conventional toilet brush - the LooBlade®

As expected from the UK’s largest single source supplier of wholesale cleaning, janitorial, spraying and hygiene solutions, the Robert Scott range offers one of the most comprehensive selections of washroom products designed to provide spotless, well equipped washroom facilities across the commercial, healthcare and public sectors.

Sales and Marketing Director Alastair Scott, “the importance now placed on the cleanliness and quality of equipment in washrooms across both the public and commercial sectors is highlighted by, not only, the need for huge improvements in helping to stop the spread of harmful bacteria but also to satisfy the demand from both staff and visitors to commercial premises who appreciate a spotless, well equipped facility and who, more often than not, judge the overall cleanliness of a business or organisation’s premises on the state of the washrooms!”

“Our approach to providing new and innovative products to our washroom range is perfectly demonstrated by the introduction of LooBlade®, a revolutionary product designed to replace the traditional toilet brush - a germ-killing, quick-drying reinvention for cleaning toilets which uses an 8-blade silicone head to enhance cleaning power. In the UK, Robert Scott is the sole supplier of LooBlade® to the professional janitorial sector”.


LooBlade® - a revolutionary replacement for the toilet brush.

The design of LooBlade® is centred on the invention of a new technology called SwipeClean, which replaces the classic brush bristles with an 8-blade silicone cleaning head that maintains a continuous contact with the surface to swipe it clean. LooBlade® does not get clogged up like the bristles of a brush, and has hydrophobic properties that sheds water and dries quickly. It reaches under the rim with ease, and contains an anti-microbial additive that helps kill 99.9% of germs, both during and after cleaning.

A - “hollow-point” - head feature also helps act as a plunger to clear blockages, and the unique holder design allows for free air flow to ensure no residual water collects. The anti-microbial properties of the blades mean that germs are killed outright, so there is no need to use bleach to disinfect it. In addition, the clog-free nature of LooBlade® means that the multiple flushes often used to attempt to clean a brush are no longer necessary.

Alastair Scott, “the traditional toilet brush is a fundamentally flawed design. They don’t clean efficiently, they clog-up easily, they drip everywhere and their use results in excessive use of cleaning chemicals and water, and ultimately people hate the sight of them! The LooBlade® offers a modern, stylish and highly effective alternative to traditional brush cleaners and will, appeal to a variety of users from offices and commercial premises through to hotels, clubs and hi-end catering establishments”.

New baby changer range supports new practices.

Whilst LooBlade® represents the new and contemporary approach to washroom products practicality and efficiency are the hallmarks of Scott’s range, which includes the company’s answer to the new British code of practice for public toilets which now recommends that there should be baby changing facilities in all main public toilets - male and female. This includes everywhere from hospitals and commercial premises through to shopping centres, transport terminals and leisure facilities.

Robert Scott’s new baby changer range offers an ergonomic, stylish horizontal baby changing station which incorporates exclusive Microban antimicrobial protection and features a gas spring mechanism allowing for easy opening - even with a baby in arm! Made from high density polyethylene these changing stations have a child safety strap to ensure easy and safe use as well as built in linear cavity with two bag hooks and easy to follow pictorial usage instructions.

If space is an issue, Robert Scott’s vertical changing station is the ideal solution to this problem as it can be positioned in the cubicle above the toilet thus saving space and giving the adult the much needed privacy.

Alastair Scott, “Our baby changers offer both mums and dads an innovate alternative to out-dated baby changing tables where parents face a struggle with tiny arms and legs flying all over the place and the danger of baby rolling off the table altogether!”

“Either vertically mounted - ideal for Dads to easily reach - or horizontally mounted, our tables are easy to use, simple to fold down and, most important of all, accessible even in the smallest of washrooms”. Kitting out bathroom fragrances. Creating the right atmosphere and ambience in business premises whether it is in the washroom, changing room, office or reception is again an increasingly important factor and a pleasing fragrance goes a long way to help create a fresh and comfortable environment. Robert Scott’s new Kleenmist Starter Kit is a handy all in one kit consisting of 3 mixed aerosol fragrances and a Bobson AD100 dispenser. Kleenmist aerosols feature increased strength fragrances, improved ‘shrink-wrap’ packaging, high quality lithograph printing and a revised 270ml can designed to fit a wider range of dispensers. These metered aerosols are the perfect answer for odour control problems and are ideal for use in washrooms, shower areas and toilets. With a choice of delightful fresh fruit, wild flowers or baby talc, this tried and tested odour suppression system has the ability to neutralise odours with immediate effect 24 hours a day. Each aerosol delivers over 3,400 metered sprays and covers an area up to 6000 cubic feet. Alastair Scott, “our washroom range is rapidly become one of the most important sections of our product portfolio and is one to which we will be adding too over the coming months. It is a sector that will increasingly come under the spotlight and we aim, as always, to be ahead of the game when it comes to the sourcing and introduction of innovative new product lines”.

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