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A thorough clean is not just for spring

Published 5th July, 2013 by Neil Nixon

A thorough clean is not just for spring

In a recent study conducted across five European countries, P&G Professional found that up to 61% of European guests expect hotels to maintain spring cleaning standards all year round with 97% of respondents agreeing that cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing a hotel above cost, service and location.

The survey went on to reveal that Italians, Germans and French are almost twice more likely than the British or Spanish to associate spring with cleaning, whilst the majority were in full agreement that year round cleaning is critical. It was also shown that the vast majority of respondents said they are more likely to stop coming to a restaurant or hotel with poor cleanliness standards, than to register a complaint either online or offline.

Brian Harrison, business development and area manager at KM Cleaning Services, said: “What these findings highlight is just how much importance guests place on having a clean and fresh environment when staying away from home and is an essential part of building a memorable guest experience.”

The appearance of the lobby is one of the first areas to make a substantial guest impression. Providing guests with a favourable image of your property is one easy way to keep guests returning and make sure they share their positive experience with friends and in online reviews as you might never get a second chance to make the right first impression.