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A-rated for energy efficiency and filtration

Published 23rd December, 2014 by Neil Nixon

A-rated for energy efficiency and filtration

Vax Commercial has created a high performance, energy efficient tub vacuum cleaner that's designed to give the company's best cleaning results yet.

Developed in Britain by its in-house engineering team, Vax Commercial's new VCC-08A tub vacuum not only has improved pick up and an ultra-efficient filtration system, it's also rated 'A' overall for energy efficiency.
The VCC-08A's compact, robust design makes it ideal for cleaning up in the most challenging environments, with powerful suction that effectively picks up dirt on both carpets and hard floors.

Its new A-rated sealed filtration system traps and retains up to 99.98% of dust and motor emissions*.

Powerful, efficient and quiet

These performance gains come hand-in-hand with improvements in energy efficiency, as independent test results have confirmed the VCC-08A qualifies for the highest A rating. Designed with an 800W motor, its energy consumption is just 26.6kWh per annum - one of the lowest figures on the market today. It's very quiet too, operating at less than 73dB(A), with an additional HUSH mode that reduces the noise level to just 69dB(A) so you can clean during daytime hours without creating a disturbance.

Ergonomic design

The VCC-08A is ultra-lightweight and can be carried with just one hand, making it easy to manoeuvre.

Some tub vacuums have a tendency to topple over while you're working, but the VCC-08A has a base-mounted motor to increase its stability. Its extra long power cord gives it a total reach of 17.5m, so you can clean the farthest corner of the room without needing to change plug sockets. The cord has an easy-change kettle connection and for convenience all the tools are stored on board the machine. You don't need to bend over to switch it on or off, as the controls are operated with your foot, and storing the extension tubes and floor tool couldn't be simpler as there's a parking slot at the rear.

Also in the range

Other models in the range include the VCC-10C, which has a 1200W motor that delivers excellent pick up performance and offers great value for money. Or for cleaning larger areas, the VCC-15 has a lightweight, anti-topple design but features an extra-large 15 litre capacity so you clean for longer without emptying.

* In accordance with EN60312 Clause 5.11

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