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A new approach to sustainable floorcare and maintenance

Published 15th September, 2016 by Neil Nixon

A new approach to sustainable floorcare and maintenance

Traffik UK Ltd has been established for over 26 years and works in partnership with the FM sector, flooring manufacturers and distributors providing a range of flooring solutions for all types of hard and soft floor surfaces. Renowned for the use of technology, Traffik's primary aim is to ensure that its clients receive the best and latest industry innovation - and the introduction of WearMax is another example.

WearMax is claimed to be the first high-tech floor seal to incorporate ceramic components and has been revolutionising the renovation and value-retention of flooring throughout Europe and the USA, where it was first developed 15 years ago.

Howard O'Brien, managing director of Traffik UK, said: “The benefits of the WearMax ceramic floor seal system are broad and the opportunities endless. Whether installing a new floor and looking to protect it for longevity and easy maintenance, looking to extend the life of an existing floor, or looking to enhance a tired floor coming to the end of its lifecycle, WearMax is the answer. Most importantly the system comes with a 5-10 year warranty - a first for hard floor sealants in the UK.”

The principal benefits of the WearMax system include:

• Longer life floors, reduced maintenance costs, cleaner and safer flooring.
• A 5-10 year warranty. (Five years in a commercial environment and 10 years in the healthcare sector). There are examples of WearMax being down on the surface of flooring for 15 years.
• Surfaces are easy to maintain, offering the opportunity to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.
• The floor surface is hermetically sealed, edge to edge, which reduces areas for dirt to collect in and reduces issues related to odours, especially in toilet areas.
• The surface is resistant to chemicals.
• WearMax also offers the option to encapsulate safety signage, lines etc that will last the lifetime of the coating without lifting.
• No more strip and seal and the associated labour costs and chemical usage, and it removes the need to replace flooring and the resultant landfill and environmental issues.
• Highly resistant to wear, slip resistant and conductive.
• Can be used on plastic, linoleum, synthetic rubber, designer floor coverings, wood and parquet flooring, and sports hall coverings.
• Available in a range of RAL colours allowing individual choice and can include coloured chips or individual designs as required.
• Anti-Slip - WearMax includes an anti-slip surface to 40+ Pendulum values (BS7976) - including a five year warranty.
• An anti-static solution to DIN EN 61340-5-1.
• Tested and certified by leading European institutes.

Howard O'Brien continued: “The addition of the WearMax ceramic system to our portfolio of products and services, we believe, sets us apart from our competitors with a product that is not only proven to make floors last longer but is backed by a warranty guarantee that enables facilities managers and flooring manufacturers to effectively plan lifecycle flooring costs, offering protection for new floor surfaces, extending the life of 'mid-cycle' floor surfaces, and as an alternative to replacement. WearMax now gives us a unique approach to the care and maintenance of all types of flooring which enables us to prepare clients for any problems which lie ahead - even before flooring has been planned and laid. Our extensive range of machines and services will not only restore existing problem flooring but help you to avoid having to restore surfaces in the first place through a carefully planned and strategically implemented programme which covers choosing the right flooring in the first instant through to a care and maintenance regime that ensures this valuable asset remains looking it's best.”

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