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A hard day’s work

Published 26th November, 2020 by Neil Nixon

A hard day’s work

Liverpool’s most famous sons got special attention when the city authorities upped their contingency for halting COVID-19’s spread. John, Paul, George, and Ringo (or their effigies at least) got a proper spraying of Prochem’s D500 Microsan biocidal cleaner from start-up sanitising specialist Vaxinol.

National TV news networks picked the story up as did the local newspapers and while The Beatles may have been used to the attention, for Craig Howard it was all very new. Former cleaning solutions salesman Howard and co-director Bradley Griffiths set up their cleaning business in April. “Coronavirus had already kicked off so we moved fast to meet demand for deep cleans from the commercial sector and the business just kept coming in,” said Craig Howard.

Merseyside-based Vaxinol is a commercial, industrial and residential cleaner specialising in disinfection and decontamination using electrostatic spray systems. It also offers carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning. In addition to the spraying-related services, the business relies on its brand new Prochem SX2100 Steempro Powermax for the balance of the company’s day-to-day work. “It’s a very fast and efficient machine that cuts through the work,” said Howard.

Howard and his two colleagues put the hot water extractor to task recently when called in to clean auditorium upholstery in an old cinema. He said: “The seats were very grubby indeed, but we set to work, going back over the job to sort out any marks and spots, and two days later, thanks to the Steempro and Prochem’s solutions, we brought them back to life.”

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