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250,000 benefitting from DBS Update Service

Published 8th January, 2015 by Neil Nixon

250,000 benefitting from DBS Update Service

More than quarter of a million people have now taken advantage of the DBS Update Service, which allows employees to check their criminal record status at any time. The Update Service was launched by DBS last year allowing people to access a continually up-to-date certificate, when they need it, for an annual fee of £13.

The service automatically keeps certificates up-to-date by carrying out regular checks. Subscribers can take their certificate from role to role, where the same level and type of check is required, without having to re-apply.

DBS chief executive, Adriènne Kelbie, said: “Every day at DBS we focus on making sure children and vulnerable people are protected and kept safe. We are very proud of the work we do and how we help to safeguard our communities. We also want to make sure that our customers can gain access to information about their criminal record easily to ensure that employers can make appropriate and timely decisions. The Update Service is a perfect way of doing this as it means people can check online to see if their certificates are still valid and they don't have to wait to start a new role. We are continually looking at ways of making our services more accessible to our customers and giving them the digital environment they expect. Work is underway on a new web portal for applicants and we are looking at rolling this out soon. We are all about protecting the public. So, to be able to do this, without being an unnecessary barrier for recruitment decisions, is something which makes me very proud.”

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