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100% PCR plastic packaging

Published 7th November, 2017 by Neil Nixon

100% PCR plastic packaging

Delphis Eco has developed what it claims to be the world’s first 100% post-consumer recycled plastic packaging, which launches across its full range during September. Delphis Eco has challenged international manufacturing norms and worked with the UK’s leading waste collectors to produce recycled plastic granules from HDPE plastic from which to form its new 100% PCR packaging. Additionally, the company has partnered with specialist producers to blow its bottles in an attempt to achieve the unique 100% food grade quality PCR level. The result is a long-awaited ‘closing the loop’ breakthrough in the use of HDPE recycled waste.

Delphis Eco’s CEO, Mark Jankovich, said: “It has taken five years to get to this point, and the journey is still just beginning when it comes to creating a movement to increase the world’s level of recycling from between 5-7%, to 10% and beyond. What we have done here is prove that it can be done! Not to mention the reduction of the amount going into the ocean or landfill. And if we, as a relatively small player, can bring this 100% PCR use to the UK market, why not the big players? By driving this change to our packaging…we have taken 500 tonnes of carbon emissions out of the equation. Just imagine if the large, international brands followed suit…We believe everyone has the obligation to be more sustainable and for the last 10 years we have produced the UK’s most accredited eco cleaning range for the commercial cleaning and out of home sector. And now, with the world’s first PCR 100% packaging, which we are bringing to market, we hope that big international corporates will sit up and take note and take on board the responsibility to invest in, and drive a paradigm shift on how we recycle plastic and use PCR waste.”

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