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Empowering lives and combating homelessness - a new objective for the WCEC in 2023

Published 10th August, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Empowering lives and combating homelessness - a new objective for the WCEC in 2023

Jim Melvin, new Master of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC), prepares to launch an initiative that could transform the lives of people who just need a second chance.

Under the stewardship of its new Master, Jim Melvin, the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC) continues its focus on benevolent works through its Charitable Foundation. In fact, it will be a key objective of the new Master’s tenure.

With a rich tradition of giving back, the WCEC recognises that charitable support remains more relevant than ever in our socially conscious world. Consequently, for its members, contributing to the WCEC's Charitable Trust is an essential part of their membership, with the aim of positively impacting every corner of society in need.

The WCEC's Charitable Trust, allocates approximately 4% of its capital annually to support various worthy causes. The Trust’s growth and continued ability to make a difference rely on ensuring investment returns exceed this allocation. By attentively building the capital through member contributions, the WCEC aims to secure and grow future investment income, thereby expanding the reach and potential of its charitable projects and initiatives.

In 2023, Jim Melvin, the most recently installed Master of the WCEC, has identified homelessness as a pressing issue that will inform a new initiative for the Worshipful Company. Recognising that too many individuals find themselves without a home, a job or prospects, it is the plan of the WCEC aims to make a tangible difference by setting a target to help two people transition from life on the streets to a path of stability and personal growth. The focus is on empowering individuals who are willing to change their lives, irrespective of their past, and offering them opportunities within the cleaning industry.

Jim, with the support of the WCEC, is driven by the belief that everyone deserves a chance and intends to provide these individuals with housing assistance and support to help them regain control of their lives. By leveraging the network and resources of the Worshipful Company, these individuals will be given opportunities for personal and professional development, potentially leading to long-term employment within the cleaning industry. The WCEC intends for this initiative to become a legacy project, showcasing how compassion and support can transform lives and create lasting impact.

To ensure the success of this ambitious undertaking, the Master of the WCEC has initiated a series of meetings with members and external contacts to gather essential insights and intelligence on the requirements and challenges involved. The process to realise such a project involves adhering to various rules, regulations, and government stipulations. While maintaining discretion to protect the privacy of the individuals involved, the WCEC hopes to highlight the potential of this endeavour, inspiring other organisations to follow suit.

Collaboration with established charities will play a vital role in achieving the goals set by the WCEC. By partnering with such organisations, the WCEC aims to leverage their expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of homelessness and ensure the most effective support is provided.

While it may take time to fully realise the project's impact, Jim is committed to challenging preconceived notions and dispelling the misleading stereotypes surrounding homelessness. Times are even harder now, and everyone is impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, however there are people and organisations better placed to help those who struggle the most.

Through collaborative efforts, efficient decision-making, and improved charity allocations, the WCEC can add a new dimension to enabling positive change. Every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves a chance to thrive.

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