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phs Group and Prostate Cancer UK are here for these men.

As the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Ireland, and Spain, phs know what men need when they visit the washroom and are driven to provide facilities that enable all men to dispose of their incontinence products with dignity. Prostate Cancer UK is the largest men’s health charity in the UK and understands men and the struggles they face during and after treatment for prostate cancer.

This can include urinary incontinence as a result of prostate removal, or other treatments such as radiotherapy. Both are driven to remove the stigma around male urinary incontinence by raising awareness with the public, providing guidance for men and creating innovative product solutions.

Want to learn more about the campaign?

White Paper -

Campaign toolkit can be found here -

Video is available on the phs website but can also be viewed on youtube - phs Group x Prostate Cancer UK | Male Incontinence: Dispose with Dignity - YouTube

All further information including case studies, mp letter etc can be found on our webpage -

Social assets - Male Incontinence Social Assets (

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