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Yorkshire Water upgrades cleaning contract

Published 9th January, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Yorkshire Water upgrades cleaning contract

Yorkshire Water Services provides clean water and sanitation to over five million people every day in the East Midlands, and has a number of sites throughout Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water Services became a Briggs customer over two years ago and since the relationship began Briggs has supplied the company with a number of machines across eight sites.

The original fleet was either fully owned by Yorkshire Water or on short term hire agreements. Since switching the short term hire agreements to a combination of outright purchase and long term rental agreements, the cost savings have meant that some of the machines have already paid for themselves. The new machines meant Yorkshire Water could rationalise the fleet and get rid of some of the units they used previously.

Andy Williams, master tools and equipment project leader at YWS Foxbridge, said: “Dealing with Briggs makes my job so much simpler. My Briggs representative visits all of the sites and carries out the assessments to ensure that they are provided with exactly what they need. This saves me a job and means that we receive specialist advice. The handover process is always much more successful too as a proper familiarisation is done with staff so they know how to use the equipment as soon as it arrives, whereas previously a lack of confidence in using it has meant it has been under-utilised.”

Previously, there wasn’t a maintenance schedule so an engineer was only called out when machines needed to be fixed, which meant extended downtime and costly call out fees. Now all health and safety and maintenance are carefully managed so machine up time has significantly increased.

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