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World Hand Hygiene Day marked with new virtual training offering

Published 27th March, 2023 by Neil Nixon

World Hand Hygiene Day marked with new virtual training offering

New from Essity is a state-of-the art educational programme aimed at people working in the long-term care sector. Supporting the message of this year’s World Hand Hygiene Day, Tork Clean Hands Training for Care Homes builds on the success of Essity’s Tork VR Clean Hands Training for hospitals.

The new online and virtual reality modules provide immersive learning aimed at improving outcomes and bringing behavioural change in a bid to raise hygiene and health standards.

“To think that there can be an interactive, virtual reality game to engage people in performing hand hygiene appropriate to their settings is definitely a step forward,” said independent patient safety and infection prevention consultant, Claire Kilpatrick. “Using an informative and interactive game like this is one part in ensuring that proper hand hygiene is performed.”

Studies show that hand hygiene prevents up to 50% of infections acquired during healthcare delivery. And eight out of 10 healthcare professionals want to further improve hand hygiene compliance in their facilities.

Tork Clean Hands Training for Care Homes has been developed with world-leading hygiene experts using the WHO My 4 Moments for Hand Hygiene in a residential home environment. The interactive simulation is designed to make hand hygiene training more engaging while equipping long-term care staff with the day-to-day skills they need to secure hand hygiene at every moment.

The training is available at no charge in multiple languages in both desktop and VR formats.

World Hand Hygiene Day, celebrated on 5 May, is the annual call to action for healthcare workers to accelerate hand hygiene improvements and is led by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tork supports healthcare organisations with Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitiser which is designed for use in critical, fast-paced environments. Also available are evidence-based dispenser placement guides based on WHO’s ‘my moments of hand hygiene’. Research shows that hand hygiene dispensers have a significant impact on compliance rates, and that ensuring that these units are correctly placed is key to their success.

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