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WoolSafe-approved shampoo for rugs brings down the cost

Published 1st March, 2024 by Neil Nixon

WoolSafe-approved shampoo for rugs brings down the cost

Rug cleaning specialists have welcomed the availability of a UK manufactured high foaming carpet shampoo after approaches to the WoolSafe Organisation.

A reformulation of Surrey-based Prochem’s B103 Contract Carpet Foam Shampoo is a 'big deal' for the rug cleaning industry says the company’s Director of Sales & Training, Phil Jones: “Rug cleaning businesses approached the WoolSafe Organisation asking for a more cost-effective high foaming detergent as the products they currently use are becoming more and more expensive to import due to international shipping costs. WoolSafe rose to the challenge and did some testing on Prochem’s B103, which has now been given WoolSafe-approved status.”

Feedback from cleaning specialists post-testing of the solution in mechanical rug cleaning plants and rotary systems has been positive.

“We worked out the dilution rate for use in our rug cleaning plant and the results are fantastic,” said Allan Simmons of Clean & Dry in Yorkshire, while Derek West of Cheshire’s Arcadia Spa, Cheshire was 'very impressed'. "It performed exceptionally well on some oriental and Chinese rugs that we had in,” he said.

The revised solution has been renamed B103 Contract Carpet & Rug Shampoo.

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