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Whiz disinfection add-on unit now available

Published 7th October, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Whiz disinfection add-on unit now available

Whiz by SoftBank Robotics is a simple to use and reliable self-driving vacuum cleaner designed to work alongside commercial cleaning teams, taking over repetitive, heavy-duty vacuuming of large areas of flooring.

This frees up workers to focus on high value tasks which make a real difference to service delivery and client satisfaction. Gambit, a bio-decontamination spray system developed by Avalon SteriTech, has been designed specifically to bolt on to Whiz and leverage Whiz’s autonomous operation to disinfect commercial space.

Certified by SGS, Whiz Gambit ensures that the efficiency and efficacy of cleaning and disinfection can be maximised, with 2-in-1 disinfection and vacuum cleaning technology.

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