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Washing machines ‘set fresh industry benchmarks’

Published 20th June, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Washing machines ‘set fresh industry benchmarks’

Miele Professional has launched two new washing machine ranges that, according to the company, ‘set fresh benchmarks for the UK laundry sector’.

The Performance and Performance Plus product lines are the latest washing machines from the German brand. ‘Performance’ redefines the 13kg to 18kg load size category, with cycle times from just 52 minutes, while ‘Performance Plus’ has an even better package of features and cycle times from just 45 minutes.

The Performance range comes in three model types. These are:

• The PW 413, which features a 130-litre drum and can handle loads of up to 14kg.

• The PW 418, which features a 180-litre drum and can handle loads of up to 20kg.

• The PW 413 Mopstar 130, with a package of features specifically for the contract cleaning sector.

All of these machines benefit from the new OneFingerTouch system which means that users can open and close the door by applying a light touch. The user experience is enhanced further by Miele Professional’s Profitronic D control system, which has a text display and an easy-to-use six-button selection for the most common types of wash. Meanwhile, a new drum design - featuring innovations such as additional slots to collect soil - means that cleaning is more efficient than ever, while fabric is still gently cared for thanks to Miele’s patented honeycomb drum. The Performance machines also use less energy than their predecessors thanks to an improved heating system, and the ability to specify load sizes means that water, energy and detergent are all consumed sparingly.

The Performance Plus range comes in three product types:

• The PW 811, with a 110-litre drum and load capacities of up to 12kg.

• The PW 814, with a 140-litre drum and load capacities of up to 16kg.

• The PW 818, with a 180-litre drum and load capacities of up to 20kg.

Like the Performance range, all Performance Plus products have Miele’s new OneFingerTouch system, but these top-of-the-range machines have Profitronic M controls which means that they come with the flexibility of up to 199 programmable slots and application-specific options for maximum ease and efficiency. The new Performance Plus machines require around 20% less water and 30% less energy than the previous generation, while also reducing residual moisture to 45% to enable further energy savings. This is thanks to developments such as a new suds container design that allows for very low water levels, and the EcoSpeed feature which cleans items through regular changes in drum speed.

All Performance and Performance Plus models are built to last for up to 30,000 hours - a lifespan of 10 years if running for eight hours a day, 365 days a year.

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