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Washare puts a new spin on laundry

Published 3rd June, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Washare puts a new spin on laundry

Washare is a new company describing itself as ‘the Uber of Washing’, creating a home-based army of 18,000 entrepreneurs who will provide an essential local laundry service at a competitive price. Washare considers itself as an agent of social change at the forefront of the shared economy revolution.

Washare is delivering an innovation based on a familiar and under-used asset - the washing machine. Washare contends that by simply undertaking some extra loads of washing each day, its laundry entrepreneurs can target earnings of over £1000 every month working from home.

Matthew Howells, spokesperson for Washare, describes the inspiration behind this innovatory service: “Washare is the ‘Uber of Washing.’ We identified that many people have a washing machine, spare time and a need for more money. While there are many others who have no washing machine and no time, but plenty of spare cash. Using your own resources in the new shared economy is the way forward. One can make money…one can save money. Washare is bringing these two groups together so that each can be of benefit to the other.”

Those being signed up to provide this service in the company’s initial drive are described as Cashares. Based around the Cashare app, the new service provides Cashares with the opportunity to be a key part of a 24-7 local laundry service. Once they have downloaded the app and signed up, the app puts them in touch with potential customers.

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