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Warewasher for cafes and delis

Published 31st October, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Warewasher for cafes and delis

Nelson’s new Café Plus dishwasher is designed for the demanding requirements of busy cafés and delis. Calibrated to provide the optimum results across cups, mugs, plates, glasses, and cutlery, Café Plus has seven programmes and can wash up to 60 baskets per hour. Also, it protects delicate items with a soft-start option which gently builds in pressure and prevents chipping, cracking or even breaking.

Thermo-acoustic insulation to the door and wash chamber not only prevents heat from escaping but contributes to the almost silent running of the machine so it’s suitable for front of house siting.

Café Plus features a shallow wash tank that uses the minimum quantities of water and energy necessary to ensure a perfect wash. In fact, the machine draws just 2.5 litres of rinse water per cycle which is then used in the subsequent wash.

Using less water means that filtration becomes more critical and Café Plus is fitted with a 3-part filtration system that maintains water quality by trapping the smallest food particles and dumping them with the coolest, dirtiest wash water at the end of each cycle. A lower volume of water means that less chemicals are required and the peristaltic pump dosing system for detergent and rinse-aid releases the optimum amount per wash cycle.