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Victor extends battery range

Published 22nd November, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Victor extends battery range

UK cleaning machine manufacturer, Victor, has launched a battery powered commercial upright vacuum cleaner. Utilising battery technology developed for use in battery powered cars, the machine delivers outstanding cleaning performance. The twin motored 470B battery upright vacuum has been delivering a run time of two hours in testing, although this has been scaled back to a conservatively quoted 1.5 hours for release. The battery also offers exceptional cycle life and should more than comfortably last for the full three years of a cleaning contract.

Barney Dowding said: “We believe that operators will love using the product because of its cleaning results, ease of use and the end of the eternal search for a mains socket. In addition, the 470B is extremely quiet, so can be used whilst people are working without causing disturbance. This machine enables genuine cable free commercial daytime cleaning, to allow buildings to take advantage of the savings generated by reduced power consumption by being able to turn off lights and heating at the end of the working day.”

The 470B features independent vacuum and brush switches. Using the vacuum only the operator can use the removable lance, tool kit and extendable hose to clean edges or higher level vacuuming. The brush on its own can be used to agitate a dry carpet cleaning compound into the carpet, before activating both the brush and vacuum to later remove it.

The 470B upright vacuum is the flagship product in Victor’s new battery vacuum range that is soon to include a brand new reworked V-9B battery tub vacuum, the smaller UCSB battery powered upright vacuum and a battery powered back vac.

Through its innovative new range of battery vacuum cleaners and the previously released battery powered Europa rotary floor machine, Victor has delivered the capability to conventionally clean an entire building without the need for cabled machinery.

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