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Ultra microfibre success at Giggleswick

Published 29th June, 2010 by Neil Nixon

Ultra microfibre success at Giggleswick

“Cleaning with Vikan ErgoClean ultra microfibre cloths and mops leads to vastly improved cleaning results, financial savings, a happier workforce as well as a healthier environment.” So said the domestic manager of Giggleswick, one of the UK’s leading co-educational boarding schools.

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness throughout the extensive premises of this public school with its 600 pupils and seven boarding houses was no mean feat. With many issues to contend with, the domestic manager was encouraged to trial the ultra microfibre system.

The results spoke for themselves..and there was no turning back. So it was an end to chemicals (apart from toilet cleaners) as the entire cleaning operation was turned over to ultra microfibres.

It was soon discovered that without chemicals, surfaces not only stay cleaner longer but actually shine. Flat mopping floors, the ErgoClean way, with the appropriate ultra microfibre mophead (which sweeps as it cleans) for each floor type, offers quick, easy, effective cleaning results.

It is estimated that savings on chemicals amount to several hundreds of pounds per year. But there’s more. The school’s medical team has identified a considerable drop in the number of breathing complaints since the Vikan ultra microfibre system was introduced.

Available in five different colour coded options, ErgoClean mops and cloths have a 500 wash and use guarantee.

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