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Two Sussex companies keep Brighton’s i360 sparkling

Published 3rd September, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Two Sussex companies keep Brighton’s i360 sparkling

The British Airways i360 has been sparkling in the sky this summer thanks to a pair of Sussex-based cleaning companies. Southern Counties Janitorial Supplies (SCJS) has been using Bio Productions’ premium cleaning products in its efforts to keep the tower shining on the seafront, with special attention paid to the eye-catching glass viewing pod.

Since day one, both companies have worked closely to find the most suitable machinery and products to keep the i360 gleaming. The project is just the latest collaboration between the two businesses, having worked together for more than two decades.

Angela Gill, managing director of Bio-Productions, said: “Southern Counties Janitorial Supplies is an independent trader and a family business, which reflected in its attention to customer service and commitment to quality products. We really share the same objectives and priorities. Working on the British Airways i360 is quite literally the highpoint in our partnership so far.”

Photo shows: Joint managing directors of SCJS, Andrew and Nigel Kent, with Bio-Productions managing director, Angela Gill.

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