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Truvox launches Valet Dual Motor Upright

Published 31st January, 2023 by Neil Nixon

Truvox launches Valet Dual Motor Upright

Truvox International has launched its new Valet Dual Motor Upright high-performance commercial upright vacuum cleaner. The robust machine is ideal for use in healthcare, education, hotels and office facilities.

“We are delighted to launch our new easy-to-use Valet Dual Motor Upright (VDMU) vacuum cleaner which sets a new standard for high performance cleaning in the commercial sector,” said Truvox International executive director, Gordon McVean.

The VDMU features 3-stage filtration, including a HEPA 12 filter, that provides a high filtration of all particles of 0.3 microns and larger. The self-adjusting brush head instantly adjusts to the carpet pile height, allowing the brush head to float evenly over the carpet pile surfaces, while the removable extendable wand is ideal for vacuuming upholstery, stairs and hard to reach areas.

The flexible Valet Dual Motor Upright can be used in three positions: upright when using the accessories; a standard working position; and low for when cleaning under furniture. The VDMU features on-board cleaning tools including a crevice tool and brush for convenience and ease of use. In addition, the dust bag is very easy to change and the cable wrap offers tidy storage.

Making cleaning visible

Gordon McVean continued: “Since the pandemic, hygiene has become the biggest priority in all premises and cleaning has become more of a ‘front of house activity’, so a top priority during the design process was to ensure that the Valet Dual Motor Upright is simple and easy to use, while also looking great. The launch of VDMU continues a trend in Truvox International introducing new and improved floorcare solutions. As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, we are on a constant journey to improve our product lines and we’ve invested heavily to introduce this new, robust, flexible and easy-to-use machine. We’re a solutions business and we can help build-in efficient cleaning for all flooring choices, while supplying expertise and an unbeatable range of cleaning machines which are guaranteed to deliver high-standards time after time,” concludes Gordon McVean. “In our journey of constant development and improvement, we are currently working on developing and introducing new ranges designed specifically to handle every flooring cleaning challenge.”

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