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Training helps companies manage asbestos issues

Published 26th April, 2016 by Neil Nixon

Training helps companies manage asbestos issues

SGS United Kingdom Ltd is offering training to help employees avoid exposure to asbestos - the UK's number one work-related killer responsible for the death of approximately 20 tradespeople per week - and manage the recovery and clearance processes. Five new SGS Academy courses (ranging from half to full day workshops) are designed to provide staff with an active awareness of the hazards of asbestos in the workplace and how to respond properly to a disturbance.

Paul King, technical manager for SGS MIS Environmental Ltd, said: “The training courses cover everything from what asbestos is and where you find it, to what the health effects are, and how you go about safely managing it.”

Asbestos awareness training is mandatory for anyone in the UK who might come into contact with it throughout the course of their daily work and the SGS Category A course - 'Asbestos: statutory awareness' - gives participants the knowledge of how to work safely without exposing themselves or others to asbestos. It also provides instruction on how to avoid carrying out work that may disturb asbestos fibres.

Paul King continued: “Asbestos training is vital for anyone who has even the slightest chance of coming into contact with it. Every year there are around 5000 related deaths. In fact, you're more likely to die from asbestos than falling off a ladder or electrocution. The whole point of training is to find the safest methods of avoiding or working around asbestos so that no one has to breathe it in.”

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