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Trailer-mounted cleaning system

Published 14th June, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Trailer-mounted cleaning system

The new Tech-Clean trailer mount cleaning system is a useful force in the battle against grease, grime and chewing gum. This two gun system is completely self contained and is powered by a diesel engine. In addition, Tech-Clean’s new Gum Spotter lance removes gum without chemicals.

Tech-Clean’s Jan Murdoch said: "St Helens Council recently added one of these units to its cleaning department to help in the constant battle against grime and chewing gum, and as all the accessories have been HAV tested and certificated, there are no restrictions on the use of them."

David Anderson, cleaning supervisor at St Helens, said: "We're happy with our new cleaning equipment and the service given by Tech-Clean, who also provided us with on-site training."

The system has a water capacity of 1300 litres, delivers 21 litres per minute at 3500 psi and at up to 95 degrees C. There are three stainless steel hose reels and an easy fill hydrant port. There's even an on board generator providing 2900 watts of auxillary power.

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