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Touch-free foam soap dispenser

Published 13th March, 2013 by Neil Nixon

Touch-free foam soap dispenser

Designed to improve hygiene and enhance image in away-from-home washrooms is a new touch-free dispenser for Tork foam soaps.

The sensor-operated Tork Elevation foam soap dispenser is both easy to operate and refill. It is aimed in particular at the hygiene-critical food and healthcare sectors, but is also expected to appeal to managers of prestigious office buildings where a touch-free system helps to create a clean, hygienic image in washrooms.

“A touch-free soap system removes the possibility of any cross-contamination from the dispenser since there is no need to touch the pump unit,” said SCA product and segment manager Charlotte Branwhite. “The single-use soap bottle also helps to prevent the problem of contamination since it is thrown away after use.”

This is particularly the case in comparison with bulk fill soaps. Recent research found that 25% of open refillable soap dispensers in public areas are contaminated with bacteria. Since the Tork foam soap cartridge is completely sealed and is a single-use system it provides hygiene advantages - while the fact that the soap does not need to be manually topped up means spills are prevented and the risk of slip and fall accidents is reduced. The no-spill system also reduces costs in use since none of the soap is wasted.

“All Tork foam soap refills contain 2500 doses of soap - around two and a half times the amount contained in a liquid soap bottle of the same volume,” added Branwhite. “This means the cost per shot is reduced, therefore helping to reduce the overall soap spend - a great way to cut overall consumable costs.”

The non-drip dispenser helps to maintain health and safety standards including averting the problem of trips and slips, which can cause absenteeism at work among staff. The batteries in the touch-free dispenser last for up to 90,000 shots and an LED light indicates when they need changing or when a new refill is required. This helps to save maintenance time.

“The cartridge is so simple to change that it takes just five seconds,” said Branwhite. “And to make life even easier, there is a QR code on the dispenser linking to a how-to-load video that can be viewed via a smartphone. This innovative new washroom maintenance feature helps janitorial staff to reduce the time they spend refilling.”

Both the manual and sensor dispensers for Tork foam soap take the same refills, which makes life easier for customers who require a mixture of dispensers on one site. The new ABS Tork Elevation touch-free foam soap dispenser forms part of a complete Tork Elevation range, which means washroom managers can create an attractive, co-ordinated washroom to enhance the image of their premises, alongside Tork Elevation dispensers for hand towels, toilet paper, air fresheners and bins.

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