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Toucan-Eco wins award

Published 29th December, 2011 by Neil Nixon

Toucan-Eco wins award

Toucan Eco has scooped the British Toilet Association 2011 Innovation Award for the ‘best new product’. This follows its successful launch in March this year where it won the Innovation Award for ‘best eco/green product’ at The Cleaning Show in Birmingham.

Toucan Eco fluid can be successfully used in toilets as both a disinfectant and cleaner. It is effective on all hard surfaces including glass, tiles, mirrors and porcelain. The Toucan Eco system has gained recognition as a cost effective and ecological way of producing a combined cleaner and disinfectant. Using only tap water and salt, the device uses electrochemical activation (ECA) to produce a highly effective environmentally friendly substitute for many commonly used chemicals. The Toucan fluid is produced on the spot, saving time and money.

Day cleaning risks are minimised as the fluid is harmless to people but effective against a whole range of bacteria and viruses. The disinfection properties have been verified to EN 1276 standard and the cleaner has a mild degreasing effect which is excellent for a wide range of modern surfaces.

Toucan Eco is produced by Centrego. Along with an extensive range of other ECA devices, it can already be found in around 20 countries and can be bought direct in the UK or via distributors here and overseas.

Oliver Weisflog, director at Centrego, said: “It’s great to have these amazing devices’ unique capabilities recognised so quickly since their launch. It is changing the way the industry is looking at cleaning products.”

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