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Tork elevates workplace wellbeing

Published 2nd August, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Tork elevates workplace wellbeing

Flexible offices and hybrid working models have created new hygiene challenges - and today’s employees are becoming increasingly focused on health and wellbeing. It is against this background that Essity has created the Tork Office Hygiene Package, a tailor-made selection of products, services and support tools. The package aims to help facility managers create a clean, hygienic workspace to elevate staff wellbeing and ensure that employees feel safe to return to the office.

The Tork Office Hygiene Package helps facility managers support new hand hygiene and surface cleaning behaviours in shared spaces. It also looks at how data-driven cleaning can consistently improve performance and efficiency. And it allows FMs to be more sustainable without compromising on hygiene or safety.

“People no longer review their workplace on classic employee benefits and values alone,” said Essity’s marketing director commercial, Anna Königson Koopmans. “They also want to see how far their employers deliver on health and wellbeing in the workplace. As part of the Tork Office Hygiene Package we offer a professional hygiene consultation with our experienced hygiene advisors, either on site or virtually. Based on the findings our advisors then give clear recommendations and suggest solutions to meet customers’ needs and secure excellent hygiene standards.”

Technological solutions such as Tork Vision Cleaning can help offices meet these challenges. Tork Vision Cleaning uses real-time data from people-counters and connected dispensers to show facility managers and operatives where cleaning is likely to be needed most. “Tork Vision Cleaning can be used to determine cleaning frequencies and ensure that dispensers are stocked up 99% of the time,” continued Anna. “The insights gained help to improve all processes and the reporting tools demonstrate adherence to safety regulations and provide transparency of a job well done.”

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