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The first of its kind

Published 12th October, 2012 by Neil Nixon

The first of its kind

The Lotus Professional brand has unveiled the launch of Reflex Portable, claimed to be the first dispenser of its kind to solve the problem of uncontrolled centrefeed dispensing on the go.

Enabling staff to easily and hygienically transport centrefeed rolls to the task in hand, the Reflex Portable dispenser from the Lotus Professional brand is proven to reduce consumption by 37% through controlled single sheet dispensing. Fully encasing paper towel rolls in a wipe clean plastic dispenser, the portable solution protects paper rolls from dust and germs in addition to preventing loose rolls becoming wet or damaged in transit from one task to the next.

Ideal for the HoReCa, education, healthcare and manufacturing sectors, the dispenser is compatible with the standard Reflex 150m rolls for minimal refilling, in addition to eliminating excessive usage of wipers and reducing waste through controlled single sheet dispensing.

Reflex Portable conveys a strong hygiene message to paying customers, pupils and staff. Presenting previously unsightly loose rolls in a wipe clean, hygienic dispenser, it also frees valuable wall space in small work areas. Protecting paper rolls from germs and spillages, the portable solution also prevents multiple rolls being opened and part-used for long periods, making it much easier to control usage and stock.

James Taylor, category manager, wiping solutions for the Lotus Professional brand, said: “The Reflex Portable dispenser is a welcomed addition to the Reflex range, providing the same convenient and hygienic dispensing as our traditional wall mounted system in a portable solution. Designed and developed directly in response to feedback from our key customers that they were over spending and jeopardising hygiene standards, it not only helps to control centrefeed dispensing on the go, it has also been proven to reduce unnecessary usage, waste and cost. The only portable centrefeed solution of its kind, Reflex Portable will assist cleaning staff, catering teams, teachers and healthcare professionals in their work and help organisations improve on hygiene, while reducing usage and cost.”

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