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The Cleaning Show announces the first ever ‘Window Cleaning World Cup’

Published 2nd January, 2019 by Neil Nixon

The Cleaning Show announces the first ever ‘Window Cleaning World Cup’

Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, officially the world’s fastest window cleaner for over 20 years, is challenging window cleaners from across the globe to try to take his crown at the UK’s Cleaning Show in London in March.

Staged at the Excel exhibition centre (19-21 March 2019), the official Guinness World Record Challenge will also be part of a new international window cleaning competition, The Window Cleaning World Cup.

The Window Cleaning World Cup, sponsored by Unger, will see window cleaners from across the globe taking part as representatives of their countries as well as representing themselves and their respective companies. Participants will be tasked with cleaning three 114.3cm square office windows set in a frame with a 300mm long squeegee and 9 litres of water in the fastest time. They must also remember to wipe the window sill, and any smears will incur time penalties which are then added to their final time.

In addition to getting the chance to try to break Terry’s world record of just 9.14 seconds set in 2009 (breaking his own previous best times recorded first in 1995 and then again in 2005), the fastest window cleaner over the three days will win a cash prize of £1000.

Female window cleaners are also being encouraged to take part and will be able to battle it out for a separate World Cup title and another £1000 in cash. They will also get the chance to try to break the woman’s Guinness Window Cleaning World Record which stands at 16.28 seconds, set by Britain’s Deborah Morris at the 2011 Cleaning Show.

Both the Guinness World Record Challenges, and the Window Cleaning World Cup competition, will be adjudicated by the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC), the UK’s window cleaning trade body.

Andrew Lee, chairman of the FWC, said: “Both Terry and Deborah’s records have stood for a very long time and we felt it was time we highlighted to our fellow window cleaners around the world that in March in London there’s a great opportunity for someone to break the Guinness World Record. But we also wanted to add an extra incentive to encourage the world’s very best window cleaners to come over to London and get involved, and so we have created the first ever Window Cleaning World Cup. We hope the combination of a potential Guinness World Record win, a £1000 prize, and the right to call yourself the world’s quickest window cleaner on behalf of your country, will tempt more international participants to make the trip.”

The Window Cleaning World Cup is being organised by the FWC supported by Unger, a global market leader of professional cleaning equipment. Matt Hodgkins from Unger said: “For more than 50 years Unger has always focussed on high quality innovative cleaning tools which help increase cleaning efficiency and raise standards across the whole of the commercial cleaning sector. Supporting an international event like this, which focusses on cleaning speed and incredible accuracy, is therefore a natural fit. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming window cleaners to London in March to see how they fare against other each other, plus we hope some of them will attempt to beat the official world record for both men’s and women’s window cleaning.”

London-born Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, the current men’s window cleaning Guinness World Record holder, said of the event: “As a former martial arts instructor and boxer I managed to perfect a rapid 16-move sequence which is very hard to copy if you don’t have the core strength, flexibility, fast hands and reflexes. However, unlike the early days when I first started competing, now you can study my technique via clips on YouTube, and each year a new generation of cleaners come along to try to beat me. Maybe with an influx of international contenders in March we might see someone get closer to my best time. But let's not forget I have held the Guinness World Record since 1995, and it would take someone very special at the very top of their game to take that away from me.”

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