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Test before you rent

Published 25th July, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Test before you rent

MEWA is launching its full-service industrial wipes solution in England and offering a risk-free, one-month trial to allow businesses to see the benefits in practice.

Developed as a superior alternative to traditional, disposable cleaning cloths, MEWA’s model eliminates the problems of hazards and waste in environments where the cleaning of oils, coatings, greases, and solvents is critical. Firms operating out of facilities such as printing premises, repair shops and metal working plants will be able to see how adopting a managed rental approach to cleaning textiles means the complex, costly and time-consuming disposal of dirty cloths need no longer be a problem.

MEWA delivers a bespoke service comprising the provision of an agreed quantity of its robust, high performance wipes, plus scheduled collections of used materials, advanced washing using environmentally sound techniques, and return of cleaning cloths following comprehensive quality control processes.

Günes Yenen, country manager UK at MEWA, said: “Businesses requiring a reliable, cost effective and proven textile-management package have nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the opportunity to trial our leading service. Those who do will understand why our industrial wipes and customer support are recognised as the best in the world and can eliminate the burden of organisational and administrative expenses, as well as stock keeping and logistics problems. Just as importantly, businesses can rest assured that adopting this model will support their CSR policies because our textiles are washed using technology that achieves maximum cleanliness with minimal water, detergent and energy consumption.”

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