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Survey reveals hand hygiene problem

Published 27th February, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Survey reveals hand hygiene problem

UK office cleaning company SMC Premier has surveyed over 5000 UK office workers about their hygiene habits at work. The results revealed that only 61% of respondents wash their hands properly with warm water and soap after using the toilet. 18% will do a quick hand wash, 14% occasionally wash their hands, and 7% admitted to not washing their hands.

Survey data also uncovered that women are more hygienic than men after using the toilet with 66% washing their hands compared to 53% of men.

When comparing the age groups, 11% of the younger generation (18-24-year olds) confessed to not washing their hands after using the toilet.

77% of respondents said it is highly unhygienic to have a dog in the office.

When it comes to who is responsible for the cleanliness of the office, 6% revealed that it should be left to the cleaning operative as it’s not their problem. For 56% of respondents, they admitted to helping clean up as it would eventually annoy them, and 38% confessed that they reluctantly clean if they have to.
You can find the full survey results at:

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