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Supporting the ‘Tree in a Million’ initiative

Published 27th April, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Supporting the ‘Tree in a Million’ initiative

A team from Incentive QAS recently planted 30 tree saplings as part of the 'Tree in a Million' initiative. 'Tree in a Million' is a campaign run by Ethical Nation to help our planet, people and wildlife.

Incentive QAS is working in partnership with Ethical Nation Ltd, and by supporting the campaign is helping to support the reduction of carbon emissions in the UK by contributing to reforestation, as well as boosting job opportunities, local economies, growth and prosperity, and the general health and wellbeing of the UK’s population.

Sales and marketing manager, Angela Collins, said: “It was a fantastic day working together as a team and helping to improve the local area for homeowners and businesses - and protect the surrounding ancient woodland. This brilliant initiative addresses multiple environmental issues and provides much needed local job opportunities. It also provides mental health and wellbeing benefits for all involved, and those who can enjoy the woodland in the future."

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