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Street cleansing with steam

Published 1st July, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Street cleansing with steam

Chewing gum deposits are quickly and easily removed by GumBusters equipment using only dry steam applied in combination with a specially formulated and environmentally friendly detergent. All that is left behind is a damp but clean surface that dries in moments.

The GumBusters difference to ordinary steam cleaners is that the steam is injected with the detergent as it is released from the specially designed cleaning head directly on to the dried gum deposit, instantly heated by the steam to 175°C. It is this combination of intense heat with the biodegradable detergent which instantly removes the stickiness from the gum, which is simultaneously dissolved.

GumBusters technology - developed by OspreyDeepclean - is also suitable for graffiti and flyposter removal. Traditional methods usually require a chemical pre-application and washing off with pressurised water but, just as with pressurised water removal of gum deposits, this approach is necessarily messy, and the area being treated is usually closed off to the public. Steam cleaning uses much smaller quantities of water and will leave only a damp surface that quickly dries. No waste, no inconvenience to the public.

The GumBusters machine can be mounted either on a trolley or within a van for increased range. As the amount of water required is so small (less than 40 litres per day) this can also be carried on board to create a completely self-sufficient street-cleansing unit.

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