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Solvent-free uPVC restorer

Published 9th February, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Solvent-free uPVC restorer

Vistal is a new uPVC cleaner which revives weathered window frames, gutters and fascias without solvents or acids. It is quick and effective, leaving uPVC surfaces clean, shiny and easier to keep clean.

As well as being economical it is also biodegradeable, free of toxins, acids and phosphates and is kind to the skin. What makes Vistal unique is that it comes as a solid, dry compound whereas most cleaning products have a high percentage of water. With Vistal you are paying just for the pure cleaning ingredients which include polishing clay, soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, and perfume oils.

Vistal comes with its own sponge which absorbs dirt and rinses out easily in water. To activate the cleaner you just wipe the dampened sponge across the surface. The sponge lightly moistens a thin layer of the compound which you then gently rub on the surface. As you clean, a coating of natural glycerine is left on the surface to polish and protect it, and repel water.

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