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Solid back entrance mats

Published 10th September, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Solid back entrance mats

Frontrunner SB and SB+ are new solid backed mats introduced by Plastic Extruders Ltd to extend the range of products available in its Frontrunner entrance flooring system.

Frontrunner SB is a ‘scrape and clean’ matting which removes the dirt from the traffic area and contains it locally for ease of cleaning. Its open ribbed top surface is designed to trap dirt from shoes so it is not transferred inside, thereby reducing cleaning and maintenance costs. Frontrunner SB+ has the addition of absorbent inserts which removes dirt and moisture and dry shoes all in one movement.

Both mats are manufactured from flexible PVC which means that they are sturdy enough to withstand heels and wheeled traffic, whilst the hollow tube construction is light in weight and easy to handle. Their 6mm overall grid height means they can be located on existing floors removing the need for a recessed mat well.

Frontrunner SB and SB+ mats are black, available in rolls 10m or 20m long and 1m wide. This format minimises the number of seams and facilitates easy installation. As with all the mattings in the Frontrunner range, they can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape, such as within revolving doors or around columns. Their unique flexibility also means they will contour over uneven or rough surfaces yet always remain stable underfoot.

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