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Software supports business growth

Published 1st March, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Software supports business growth

Chorley Cleaning Service has adopted employee scheduling and workforce management software SmartTask to support business expansion. The contract cleaning specialist will use the system to better manage, support and protect its team of 25 cleaners that operate across the north west of England, while streamlining administrative processes at its head office.

“Our aim is to expand the business across the Midlands and the north of England, so it is essential to have proven and industry-leading solutions in place to support this goal,” said Chorley Cleaning’s Julie McCullagh. “With our team of cleaners already operating at over 70 commercial, medical and education sites, we recognised the need for a system that will simplify and automate time and attendance, staff rostering and operational compliance as our workforce grows.”

Chorley Cleaning Service had previously used a number of different management tools but wanted to consolidate its IT infrastructure into a single software solution to achieve time, cost and efficiency savings. Cleaning staff will now use the MySmartTask app to record their shift start and finish times, while those without access to a smartphone will be able to book on and off their shifts using a designated landline and secure PIN code through call taking software. GPS locations from MySmartTask will also provide peace of mind that employees are onsite when stated and enable Chorley Cleaning Service to supply accurate proof of work information to customers.

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask, said: “Our software is a proven tool within the cleaning sector, helping businesses to adapt and grow. As such, a rapidly-expanding number of cleaning service providers are turning to us to help overcome the workforce management challenges they face.”

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