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Social Enterprise launches new eco-foaming hand wash

Published 10th August, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Social Enterprise launches new eco-foaming hand wash

Honey Blossom Eco Foaming Hand Wash from the social enterprise Clarity is launched into large organisations and the government to support the employment of blind, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged people. Developed in co-operation with the Cabinet Office and Interserve, the product now holds The Planet Mark, which emphasises its endeavour to improve environmental credentials.

The hand wash, made with 100% eco certified ingredients, is vegan, biodegradable and allergen, gluten and GMO free. In addition, it is free from SLS, sulphates and parabens, making it efficient and environmentally friendly. Care has gone into the selection of each and every ingredient.

The foaming hand wash uses just 20% of the dosage compared to the liquid alternative so will last five times as long. Studies have found that foaming technology reduces the amount of water used by almost 10% whilst increasing the likelihood that individuals will wash their hands, promoting good hand hygiene.

The hand wash has been developed as a Buy Social Corporate Challenge product, an initiative from Social Enterprise UK, which Interserve is a partner of and the Cabinet Office supports. It aims to get businesses to spend £1 billion with social enterprises, such as Clarity, by 2020. This hand wash makes it easy to switch your soap for social good.

Large corporations and Buy Social Corporate Challenge partners are planning to support the initiative by purchasing the hand wash, whilst several government departments are also set to switch to the new Clarity range.

Camilla Marcus-Dew, head of commercial at Clarity, said: “We are delighted to launch our new eco foaming hand wash with the support of our Buy Social Corporate Challenge partners. The result is an environmentally friendly product which will be loved by all employees, customers and visitors. It has secured employment for our staff, creating social value in many communities across the UK. We look forward to rolling it out to other Government departments and corporations.”

Richard Beattie, director of procurement at Interserve, said: “At Interserve, we take our sustainability responsibilities very seriously - both from an environmental and social capital perspective. So, we are really pleased to be working with the Clarity team to bring the first Buy Social Corporate Challenge product to market. This new product strengthens Clarity’s offering by combining social impact and eco-friendly credentials - it’s a great product which I’m sure our clients will love.”

Peter Holbrook CBE, chief executive of Social Enterprise UK, said: “This is a fantastic example of what’s possible when the public, private and social enterprise sectors collaborate to bring a commercial solution to market that will change the lives of disabled people. The Cabinet Office was a founding strategic partner of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge, so it’s great to see it ‘walking the walk’ through buying from social enterprises. We’d like to now see other government departments, as well as more businesses, follow in its footsteps.”

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