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Scalable management tool for cleaning sector

Published 27th July, 2017 by Neil Nixon

Scalable management tool for cleaning sector

Make Life Easy, a tech start-up headquartered in the UK, has launched a new management app (MAAPP) designed specifically for the commercial cleaning industry. MAAPP is designed to create cost efficiencies by saving time, eliminating paperwork, helping manage staff, and promoting a superior service to clients.

Company founders Niall Moffat and Rod Leach have more than 15 years’ experience in commercial cleaning, having previously held senior management roles at a national company employing 1200 staff and an office network spanning the UK.

Rod Leach, co-founder of Make Life Easy, said: “No one was asking why. Why do we still rely on paper written reports? Why do we accept that actions can take hours or even days to be filed depending on where a manager is or how busy he or she is? There was a mindset that because we were ‘just’ a cleaning business, digital technology wasn’t relevant. In an era where everything is available online and I can receive breaking global news within a matter of seconds, it’s time the cleaning industry caught up. One of the greatest hurdles for many cleaning businesses adopting new management technology was the prohibitive cost of implementing large-scale IT. We realised there was an opportunity in the market for affordable, scalable technology designed specifically for the cleaning industry. We wanted to create something which challenged the status quo and help people see there is another way, a better way.”

The company’s new MAAPP technology allows cleaning managers to record actions around health and safety, training and quality audits in real-time while on site using an iPad. The data is immediately sent to company headquarters for action. Crucially, clients are also given access to a portal where all data is replicated, meaning quality checks and health and safety alerts, for example, are communicated to them immediately.

Leach continued: “This completely eliminates the need for paperwork and creates more time for managers to focus on important tasks such as building strong client relationships and supporting staff. We’ve also had really positive feedback from clients who love the idea of using the portal to gain transparency in reporting, up to the minute information and a fast response time from all enquiries they send to their cleaning partner. Put simply, it makes life easier for everyone involved.”

Make Life Easy’s MAAPP technology is available for cleaning businesses of all sizes and can be scaled to suit small operators through to large national organisations with multiple sites and thousands of employees.

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