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Samsic Arise - driving wellness-led workspace management

Published 7th July, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Samsic Arise - driving wellness-led workspace management

Samsic UK, the UK market arm of the 3 billion Euro turnover Samsic Group, has launched the Arise programme, a solutions package driven by LEAN Six Sigma tools to create waste-free service models and attain high and consistent standards of service outcome.

Samsic UK CEO, Jonathan King, said: “Businesses re-emerging from the pandemic are considering their estate strategies and working methods. Arise is a wellness-led approach to workspace management, using innovative processes, products and technologies to create hygiene secure environments. Founded on site-bespoke data, it provides the most efficient strategy for managing healthy workspaces as users return to their workspaces.”

To provide the correct delivery solution, Arise analyses the specific needs of a building. Applying LEAN Six Sigma techniques, data analytics and trends analyses, the company benchmark uses its broad sector knowledge to create specific service plans to resolve changing needs.

“We examine client business processes, techniques, methods, and approaches to match our service solution to the needs of each location and customer,” continued King. “Creating a workplace that people can return to with true confidence thanks to the implementing of a tailored professional cleaning and sanitisation strategy that’s measurable at every minute is just the start of the Arise journey.”

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