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Salisbury Group becomes ‘climate positive company’

Published 5th August, 2021 by Neil Nixon

Salisbury Group becomes ‘climate positive company’

Salisbury Group has unveiled a plan to go beyond net zero and be a ‘climate positive company’ from this year onwards. Alongside a detailed plan to move to sustainable operations, Salisbury has committed to investing 110% of total offsetting costs into environmental projects certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

‘Climate positive’ means that the company will be going beyond carbon neutrality by not only delivering a plan to reduce its carbon emissions but also using enhanced offsetting for the remaining emissions from 2021. ‘Net carbon positive’ may also be used to describe the plan, as the company will be taking further action to reduce emissions to the atmosphere to the extent that the total reductions exceed what Salisbury Group produces, as certified by an independent expert body.

Salisbury's plan will see a green transformation of its energy, vehicles and other environmental practices, such as removing single-use plastics from operations and new sustainability training for all Salisbury staff.

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