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Rubbermaid Win EU Ecolabel certification

Published 14th June, 2012 by Neil Nixon

Rubbermaid Win EU Ecolabel certification

Rubbermaid Commercial Products has been awarded the EU Ecolabel for three products in the Rubbermaid skin care range.

The European Eco-Friendly Label (EU Ecolabel) was established in 1992 with the aim to increase the market presence of green products and services. Whilst the flower logo may be a simple one, the environmental criteria behind it are stringent and thorough - only the most environmentally friendly products are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel.

The EU Ecolabel guarantees that products contain a reduced amount of total chemicals, as well as limited substances that are harmful to the aquatic environment. In addition, products are rated as having increased biodegradability and less packaging. From the extraction of raw materials through to when the product is used and disposed of, products are ‘greener’ and more efficient.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products recognises the importance of ensuring its products comply with eco-friendly procedures and standards. Customers today are more sensitive to the protection of the environment - four out of five European consumers would like to buy more environmentally friendly products, provided they have been properly certified by an independent organisation. Having the EU Ecolabel on Rubbermaid’s products answers customers high expectations by guaranteeing a high level of transparency, reliability and scientific credibility. And, of course, not only does the label project an image of corporate responsibility among consumers and local authorities, but it also allows Rubbermaid Commercial Products to continue its important work towards building a greener future.

From September 2012, Rubbermaid Commercial Product’s Free ’n Clean skin care products will have the Ecolabel available for three dispenser ranges - the Flex, the Autofoam and the Manual Foam Dispensers.

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