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Robotic vacuum cleaners go back to school

Published 9th July, 2019 by Neil Nixon

Robotic vacuum cleaners go back to school

TTB has introduced robotic vacuum cleaners into its school cleaning process at Christopher Whitehead Language College (CWLC) to improve and streamline the services it offers. TTB specialises in commercial cleaning for schools and colleges within the Midlands and likes to keep abreast of latest technologies to continue to improve the services it offers its customers.

TTB’s Nick Jeacock said “CWLC has some super facilities and it’s our job to keep them clean and tidy. We use robots to help our staff because this gives the people time to complete the important cleaning details, whilst the robots do the vacuuming. We have over 30 schools now using robots, freeing up time and improving standards.”

The robots are supplied by Oxfordshire-based The Perfect Little Company. Managing director, Michael Richardson, added: “Every school needs vacuuming, but this is a pretty laborious job, lugging around heavy equipment and can be very time consuming. Letting the robots do it means that staff are less pressured and have more time for the detailed work.”

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