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Research reveals the industries most impacting the environment

Published 12th February, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Research reveals the industries most impacting the environment

New research conducted by commercial drainage expert Metro Rod reveals which workforces are impacting our environment the most. The study asked over 2000 UK-based workers which environmental practices they partake in whilst in the workplace. The results determined which industries are having the most detrimental impact on our environment.

The full list, which ranks sectors from best to worst in terms of their eco-friendliness, is: Social housing; HR; Legal; Healthcare; Education; Architecture; Local authority; IT and telecommunications; Retail, catering and leisure; Finance; Arts and culture; Manufacturing; Travel and tourism; Facilities management; Sales, media and marketing.

Peter Molloy, managing director at Metro Rod, said: “In general, we spend over 40 hours per week in the workplace, which is a considerable portion of our time. This means that there is significant potential that our collective activity at work has been impacting the environment more than we ever previously realised. And this is becoming a major part of a much wider problem. From using excessive amounts of paper to putting wet wipes in our drains, it is clear that the eco-friendly practices that have been adopted in our personal lives have not quite been translated to the workplace and this can cause serious problems for our environment. We’re making a serious call for organisations to reinforce the collective responsibility we all have to protect the environment from a business point of view, to ensure our UK workforces are playing their part in future-proofing our local and national eco-systems for many years to come.”

To help create a shift in these patterns, Metro Rod has produced a guide summarising its research findings, which includes top tips on improving workplace environmental responsibility. It contains a variety of materials that can be shared with a whole organisation to ensure everyone is playing their part in protecting the environment, inside and outside of the workplace.

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