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Recycle PPE waste with TerraCycle

Published 15th September, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Recycle PPE waste with TerraCycle

These unprecedented COVID-19 times have underscored that single use materials are still a highly reliable and affordable solution for personal protection. Although this new reality has highlighted the public necessity for these items, it has also brought into stark contrast our vulnerabilities to pollution.

Between the end of February and mid-April this year, more than a billion items of PPE were given out in the UK alone. This spike in consumption is forcing us to rethink our attitude to recycling and find a sustainable solution for this kind of waste. As a leading expert in traditionally ‘non-recyclable’ waste, TerraCycle provides a unique recycling solution for all types of single-use PPE, which aren’t recyclable through conventional recycling facilities, giving them a new life in a variety of forms.

To recycle PPE waste in the UK, TerraCycle offers a variety of different Zero Waste Boxes, including its latest box dedicated specifically to the recycling of disposable face masks.

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