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RCP publishes ‘Love Recycling’ research report

Published 29th May, 2020 by Neil Nixon

RCP publishes ‘Love Recycling’ research report

The first snapshot of the findings from one of the largest ever commercially funded quantitative studies into business recycling and waste management across Europe have been published by RCP EMEA. This ground-breaking research is the cornerstone of the brand’s innovative new Love Recycling initiative, which will continue to report throughout 2020.

Recycling and waste management are widely regarded as two of the most important challenges facing today’s businesses. The objective of this research is to provide the industry with a snapshot of how businesses, large and small, are dealing with their waste - and, most importantly, what the barriers are to even greater and better commercial recycling. The intention is to provide the stimulus to educate and improve recycling in the workplace.

Whilst most of the 800+ businesses that have contributed so far report having some recycling and waste management policies and practices in place, the research points to real opportunities for businesses to do more - provided they can get the right information, education and support from government.

Paul Jakeway, head of marketing for EMEA at Rubbermaid Commercial Products, said: “Businesses across Europe in every sector are already recycling, and most state they either want to or are planning to do more to improve this. But it’s clear there is a lot more that can be done to make waste management easier and more sustainable. Our research highlights a real gap in commercial recycling understanding - there is a real need for education. Commercial enterprise needs help, support and expert advice on how to deal better with its waste, how to train its frontline staff, and how to change the way recycling is perceived internally so it becomes more of an investment and less of a cost. That support needs to go hand-in- hand with funding for better infrastructure, making it easy for commercial organisations to do the right thing. Businesses like RCP, with our decades of experience in waste management, are in the perfect position to help businesses improve their performance. Love Recycling is our new, flagship initiative to help them get on the front foot. Our aim is to share the research with all relevant market sectors and support them with raising the profile of recycling in their organisations.”

The report, called ‘The changing face of commercial recycling in Europe’, is now available as a free download from A personalised copy of the data will also be sent to all survey participants. This will allow them to compare their own responses to those of the sample as a whole. RCP will be tracking the trends in the industry as the survey will remain live on the site so businesses that missed the initial opportunity can still complete it to receive a personalised data set.

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