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Rapid Charge success in supermarket trials

Published 27th September, 2018 by Neil Nixon

Rapid Charge success in supermarket trials

Keeping up the momentum following the introduction of its Lead Crystal Rapid Charge System, Ecobat Battery Technologies (EBT Industrial) has reported that following initial trials with a major UK supermarket chain, the system has proved a success and been rolled out on a larger scale.

EBT Industrial’s national accounts manager, Colin McCartney, said: “From the very beginning of the process, we have had great confidence in Lead Crystal as a genuine alternative to lithium batteries in many applications. Its real world performance in terms of running time, charge speed and its ability to accept opportunity charging makes it comparable to lithium powered floor cleaning machines, but it delivers significant cost savings, particularly when it comes to the initial purchase. Another benefit is their greater weight, which in some circumstances helps the machine’s cleaning performance. The standards set for the initial trial were understandably very demanding, but the Lead Crystal batteries in combination with the high speed chargers we specify for the Rapid Charger System, were shown to be more than capable of meeting the requirements. In fact, as the wider rollout has revealed it is actually over specified for the application, which means we have the scope to reduce cost further in the future.”

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