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Public ‘unhappy’ with state of public toilets

Published 4th January, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Public ‘unhappy’ with state of public toilets

One in three UK adults are unhappy about the cleanliness of the public toilets in their nearest town or city, a new study finds. In research commissioned by specialist hygiene services provider Citron Hygiene, seven in 10 UK adults would prefer to buy something from a nearby coffee shop to use the facilities than visit a free public toilet, with more than three quarters (76%) claiming to only use public washrooms if it’s completely unavoidable.

Proper maintenance and repairs, having a regular cleaning schedule and more being available are the top aspects considered to improve public toilets, while a third (33%) of UK adults would like to see more investment in touch free technology in their local toilets - such as flushes, taps and hand dryers. Those polled have called upon councils to prioritise funding for their public facilities, with 82% wanting more investment to ensure their public toilets are clean and safe.

Robert Guice, CEO at Citron Hygiene, said: "Washroom hygiene has never been more important, and it is clear many towns and cities across the country need to do more to provide a better public toilet experience. When we are out and about, we shouldn’t dread having to find our nearest facilities, and when we do find one, the state of them shouldn’t make us think twice about using them.”

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