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ProWipers meet market demand

Published 31st December, 2012 by Neil Nixon

ProWipers meet market demand

Optimum Professional, a leading brand of disposable paper products for the cleaning and hygiene market, has launched a new range of non-woven wipes, Optimum ProWipers, as part of its continuing commitment to produce innovative products that meet market demand. Designed to meet the needs of those working in industrial workplaces where fast and effective cleaning solutions are needed, the range includes seven different types of wipes.

The Optimum ProWipers BestWipe is a high-quality, versatile all-round wiper. The soft, cotton feel, low lint wipe is embossed for fast pick up of liquids and spills and is also solvent resistant and non-abrasive. It provides a versatile, economic and quality solution to every wiping need.

The Optimum SmartWipe is available in four colours and is ideal for environments where colour coding is crucial. Made from recycled cotton, it is non-abrasive and bio-degradable, making it kinder to the environment. Apertured to be super absorbent the SmartWipe holds up to five times its own weight in water.

The Optimum RightWipe is a non-abrasive, super-soft wipe, which is ideal for polishing due to its low lint properties. The absorbent wipe can hold three times its own weight of water and is apertured for fast clean up and less ‘clogging’.

The Optimum EcotWipe is made from regenerated cotton and is 100% bio-degradable. The soft, absorbent wipe is strong wet or dry and holds five times its own weight of water.

The Optimum SorbairWipe is a flexible, economic, all-round general wipe, which is ideal for a range of wiping jobs. Non-abrasive, it has standard wet strength and can also be used as an effective body wipe.

The Optimum ResourceWipe is available in both smooth and creped variations. Silicone and formaldehyde free, the ResourceWipe is strong and non-abrasive, therefore ideal for a range of wiping jobs. Holding six times its own weight of water, the wipe is extremely absorbent and are strong wet or dry.

Optimum ClassicWipe is a super absorbent wipe, which has good liquid retention and holds seven times its own weight in water. Resistant to most solvents, the ClassicWipe is versatile and perfect as a general all round non-woven wipe.

Marketing manager, Emma Wood, said: “We understand our customers’ needs and what’s important to them. We know that those working in industrial sectors need wipers that are hygienic, versatile and, above all, effective. We’ve created this new range of seven wipers to ensure that our customers get the right product, in the right place, for the right task.”

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