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Protecting hotel guests from infections

Published 14th July, 2022 by Neil Nixon

Protecting hotel guests from infections

Diversey’s new Degragerm 24 Shield provides hotels with a new way to stop the spread of infections, including COVID-19, by enabling ongoing surface disinfection for up to 24 hours after application. This ready-to-use product meets numerous disinfection standards, including BSI PAS22424 and EPA RSS, that specifically assure its ongoing performance properties.

It is designed for frequent touch surfaces where ongoing protection creates a safer environment for guests and staff while reducing cleaning burdens. Using the product on surfaces twice a day instead of traditional surface disinfectants every couple of hours can save costs and give housekeepers more time to focus on other tasks guests appreciate.

Degragerm 24 Shield is a new type of product that incorporates patented APT - advanced polymer technology - with powerful built-in disinfectants. In addition to working as a traditional cleaner disinfectant on application, it dries to form a thin and almost invisible film that releases disinfectant when touched to deliver ongoing protection. It passes the BSI PAS 2424 residual antimicrobial efficacy test and the stringent EPS RSS test which assure its ongoing protection against bacteria and enveloped viruses - including the one that causes COVID-19 - for up to 24 hours. The product also meets a wide range of additional disinfection standards. All these tests are passed in dirty conditions which means the product can be used as a cleaner-disinfectant no need to clean the resulting in no need to clean the surface before it is applied.

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