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Preventing a dust-up in data centres

Published 30th December, 2020 by Neil Nixon

Preventing a dust-up in data centres

Data centres are a fast-growing market, presenting special cleaning needs. Figures released by M Capital Group show the global data centre industry achieving strong growth over the next five years, reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10-15%.

Based in Farnham, Surrey, Technivo is a specialist in cleaning these anonymous-looking and often secretive buildings and recently sourced four Prochem dual-speed rotary machines with suction kits and filter bags especially for the sector. Technivo offers a wide range of data centre support services, from decontamination and management before, during and after construction works, through controlled environment movement of sensitive server hardware to power and environmental audits for businesses. The company also provides comprehensive specialist technical deep cleaning solutions including the cleaning of floor surfaces and voids, air conditioning equipment, trunking, ducting, lighting systems, and areas of high sensitivity.

Nick Powis is the company’s founder and managing director while Gemma Charman and Angela Ford run operations, looking after a fast-growing number of contracts across the UK and northern Europe. Gemma Charman said: “Over-heating is [a major] issue and often this is caused by insufficiently clean environments. We had been using one major supplier’s machines for some time but began to feel they weren’t quite right for the job so switched to another only to find those weren’t quite right either.” Enrique German, a new supervisor with the company with a lot of experience of cleaning technology, recommended Prochem for robust, reliable and long-running machines that are portable and easy to transport.

Charman continued: “Enrique went on a Prochem hard floor cleaning and maintenance training course all about different floor types at Chessington, checked out the machine’s dust extractors, tried one out and bought four. Our job is to keep dust incursion and movement as low as possible to prevent it getting sucked into the servers. Technical cleaning is essential and machine scrubbing part of this process so consequently the presence of dust and of its control is a constant battle. The Prochem technology really helps with thoroughly cleaning demanding floors while filtering out consequent dust build-up.”

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